More about Keyston Bros. Saddlery 1906- present

The Keyston brothers, James and William, were in business for many years but did not start making saddles until 1906. Shortly after the earthquake and fires of that year they bought out the J.C. Johnson Co., makers of saddles and harness. They went on to buy out several more companies in 1912 and1914. The Keyston Brothers had become the largest manufacturers of saddles and harness on the Pacific coast. They went on to buy the W, Davis and Sons Saddlery in 1925, and the H.H. Heiser Co. and Lichtenberger Co. in the 1950’s. Keyston Bros. are still in business today in Sparks, NV.

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Keyston Bros. Saddlery 1906- present
(sold) Gold and Silver Bronc Buckle Circa 1940

(sold) Gold and Silver Bronc Buckl...