More about Rachel Namingha Nampeyo (1903-1985)

Rachel Namingha Nampeyo was a member of the Corn Clan. She lived primarily at Polacca. She was the granddaughter of famous Hopi potter Nampeyo, and the daughter of Annie and Willie Healing. Rachel’s daughter Dextra Nampeyo continued the tradition of pottery making. Known for her use of traditional designs, Rachel made black and red on yellow jars and bowls. She also made effigy bowls with maiden head handles, miniature bowls and wind chimes. A doll that she constructed is in the Smithsonian along with examples of her pottery.

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Rachel Namingha Nampeyo (1903-1985)
(Sold) Rachel Nampeyo – Hopi Bowl

(Sold) Rachel Nampeyo – Hopi