The Stone of Sky and Water – Thursday ArtWalk

Recent finds in antique and vintage turquoise, coin silver, and ingot jewelry of the Navajo and Pueblos. The turquoise stone was mined long before the Spaniards taught the art of working metal. When the two combined, the iconic jewelry and art that defines the American Southwest was born. Come in and see our outstanding collection of late 1800 – to mid-century jewelry.

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Navajo 3 Stone Bracelet

Navajo Hatband

Helen Zunie Horse Belt Buckle

Navajo Fob with Buckle and Button

(Sold) – Navajo Earrings Cir

Zuni Square Stone Bracelet

Stamped Ingot Bracelet

Zuni Inlay Ranger Set

Zuni Petit Point Necklace

Zuni Horseshoe with Horse Inlaid B

Early Navajo Bracelet with Large S

Naja Silver and Turquoise Pin

Early Navajo In-LineTurquoise Ring

Five Stone Navajo Turquoise Bracel

Zuni Hairpin

Zuni Buffalo Bolo – Effie Qu

Navajo Bisbee Turquoise Bolo Circa

Zuni Horse Buckle (Palomino)

Small Navajo Ketoh Panel

Zuni Four-Piece Buckle

Zuni 5 Row Bracelet

Early Navajo Fob

Heavy Navajo Bracelet

Small Sandcast Buckle

Early Pueblo Ketoh

Stamped Navajo Cuff Bracelet

Narrow Navajo Guard Bracelet

Navajo Boot Pin

Navajo Ingot Bracelet

(Sold) Navajo Cuff Bracelet Circa ...

Blue Gem Hopi Bolo

(Sold) Zuni Flower Pot Earrings Ci...

Navajo Folk Art Cow Pin

(SOLD) Navajo Concho Buckle

Zuni Inlaid Necklace Circa 1950-19

Navajo Stamped Bracelet

Beautiful Navajo Sand Cast Buckle

Navajo Large Turquoise Ring

(Sold)Delicate Navajo Sand-Cast Bu

Navajo Sand Cast Bracelet

Stamped Bead Necklace Circa 1950

Large Pueblo Ketoh

Zuni Stylized Thunderbird Earrings

Sand Cast Buckle with Inlay

Zuni Cluster Ring Circa 1930-1940

Navajo Pin Circa 1910

Navajo Green Turquoise Ring

Inlay Zuni Bracelet

Fred Harvey Era Bracelet with Turq...

Stamped Ingot Bracelet with Green ...

Large Navajo Ingot Fan Bracelet

Navajo Thunderbird Screwback Earri

(Sold) – Navajo Saddle Pin

Heavy Navajo Ingot Bracelet

Navajo Spurs

Large Navajo Ingot Bracelet

(Sold) – Navajo Ring

Early Turquoise Ingot Bracelet

Early Navajo Bead Bracelet

(Sold) – Zuni Butterfly Earr

Zuni Cluster Ring Circa 1950

Zuni Horsehead Bolo Tie

(Sold) – Native American Sta...

(SOLD) Navajo Arrow Pin Circa 1940

Zuni Cluster Ring Circa 1940-1950

Three Stone Navajo Pin

Early Pueblo Hoop Earrings

Navajo 5-stone Bracelet

Zuni Horse Head Bolo

Early Stamped Navajo Cuff Bracelet...

Navajo Ingot Silver Bracelet

Zuni 2 Row Bracelet

(Sold) – Zuni Cluster Ring C...

Blue Turquoise Ring

Navajo Bar Pin

Narrow Zuni Inlay Bracelet

Zuni Stylized Earrings Circa 1960

Navajo Ketoh Panel

Zuni Inlaid Horse Head Bolo Circa

Zuni Cluster Ring Circa 1950

Santo Domingo Thunderbird Necklace

Navajo Snake Bolo Tie

Stamped Bracelet with Turquoise

Navajo Silver Button Circa 1920

Double Row Zuni Bracelet

(Sold) Vintage Pueblo Pin

Navajo Ketoh With Brain-tanned Lea

The Stone of Sky and Water –...

Sterling Zuni Box – Circa 19

Navajo Oval Turquoise Ring

Navajo Ingot Silver Cuff Bracelet

Oval Turquoise Ring

Navajo Style Gun Rig

Wide Ingot Stamped bracelet

Zuni Inlaid Necklace Circa 1930-19

Zuni Cluster Ring

(Sold) – Zuni Butterfly Neck

Navajo Butterfly Pin

Stamped Bead Necklace Circa 1950

Fred Peshlakai – Concho Belt

Early Pueblo Drop Earrings

Navajo Repousse Cuffs – Attr...

Navajo Carinated Bracelet With Tur...

Navajo Ram’s Head Pin

Stamped Ingot Bracelet with Turquo

Zuni Four Piece Buckle

Zuni Small Horseshoe Buckle

One Row Zuni Bracelet

Heavy Twisted Wire Ingot Bracelet ...

Inlaid Zuni Horse Bolo Tie

Zuni Cluster Ring Circa 1930

(SOLD) – Zuni Dishta Buckle

Turquoise Chandelier Earrings Circ

Sterling Navajo Box – Circa

Zuni Buffalo Buckle

Navajo Concho & Butterfly Belt

Navajo Sancast Ketoh Circa 1940

Navajo Sand Cast Buckle

Navajo Cuff Bracelet Circa 1940

Turquoise Earrings Circa 1940

Navajo Sand Cast Buckle

5 Stone Navajo Bracelet

(On Hold) Navajo Huge Men’s

Navajo Naja Pin

Sandcast Squash Blossom Necklace

Navajo Concho Buckle

(Sold) Navajo Pin

Sun Face Stamped Buckle Circa 1940

Zuni Inlaid Cufflinks

Navajo Skis Pin

Navajo Pendant

Early Zuni Thunderbird Bolo

Navajo Beads and Naja Necklace

Navajo Azurite Ring

Navajo Fred Harvey Style Buckle

Stamped Ingot Navajo Cuff

Zuni Inlaid Cufflinks

Zuni Cluster Ring Circa 1940-1950

Early Pueblo Ingot Bracelet

Navajo Cuff Bracelet Circa 1920

Navajo Ingot Bracelet With Oval Tu...

(Sold) – Zuni Squash Blossom...

(Sold) – Navajo Square Turqu...


Date:  Thursday, August 18, 2016
Time:  5pm - 8pm
Location: Cayuse Western Americana

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