Southern Plains Concho Belt

Plains woman's belt, circa 1880. From the Mary Ann Claymore estate, a Standing Rock Sioux family, famous for their pictorial beadwork. The belt's origins were probably on the southern plains - it looks like it was of Southern Cheyenne origin.  It could have been traded or raided - many items were cross-distributed in this manner. The nickel conchos have wonderful verdigris patina, and are unadorned.  The tip may have been a trade item - it has a small band with a pattern embossed on it.  The belt is 43 1/2" from buckle to billet, with 2" leather tapering to 1" at billet. 2" discs around belt. 36" drop with one 2" disc at the top of drop, followed by nineteen 1 1/2" discs, and ending in a 4" tip.

Medium: Leather, Nickel Silver (German Silver)
Circa: 1880
Size: 2" Wide;43" Circuference; 36" High
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