Sioux Beaded Bridle

Sioux beaded bridle cover from the Paul Dyke collection, circa 1880. Dyke was an artist and collector; a majority of his pieces have been purchased by the Buffalo Bill Plains Indian Museum. The bridle has a blue background, with cobalt, yellow, white and red white-heart beaded tipi or mountain designs. There are also some pumpkin beads, some nickel and brass beads, and green, making up other design elements. The flat beaded reins match the bridle. There is quill work along the brow band, with tin cones and horsehair, and silk ribbons.  The bit is a ring bit, missing the drops but a good, period bit that was on the bridle when acquired.  Condition is very good, with some hide loss and some bead loss. Beaded bridle covers are very hard to find and are highly collectible.


Medium: Braintanned Leather/Glass Beads
Circa: 1880
Size: 18" Long x 7" Wide x 8" Deep (not including display)
Location/Origin: , , ,
Our Product ID: D1609
Provenance: Ex-Paul Dyck Collection

Price: $18,500.00

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