Six-Shooter Weathervane

Fantastic folk art weathervane. Made from iron and tin, originally a "James" vane with iron arrow, this one has been modified to show a Colt style revolver on the top, complete with a fired bullet, perpetually arrested a few inches from the barrel of the gun. Even better, there are bullet holes in the finial and the bottom conical base, suggesting that a previous owner or a disgruntled neighbor took pot shots at it to make it spin. Can't you just picture someone who got a little happy, shooting his pistol at his weathervane and howling at the moon?  This piece has a custom iron stand that goes with it.



Artist: , ,
Medium: Iron/Tin
Circa: First Half 20th Century
Size: 43" High x 50" Long; Base is 7" Wide x 11" Long
Our Product ID: D1366

Price: $8,500.00

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