The Great Divide – First Edition

An amazing classic first edition in very good condition.  Circa 1876.    Hardbound, maps intact, 377 pages.  Wonderful black and white illustrations throughout.  Fabulous rare book. With half-title, frontispiece plus 14 full-plate engravings, 2 folding maps, dedication, and list of illustrations. A celebration of the American west, written a few years after the establishment of Yellowstone as a national park in 1872. Dunraven praises the United States for their national parks, exclaiming that "privilege of viewing the marvels of nature . . . for ever be free to all nations and all people". In this personal account, he views the area’s natural wonders and observes local culture. This includes a chapter dedicated to his interactions with the Crow tribe and even humorous observations about squirrels. Despite his joy at returning to civilization, this early tourist relished the wilds of western America. Wyndham-Quin, 4th Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl (1841-1926), was an Irish politician and famed yachtsman. Joining the army after Oxford, he went on to serve as war correspondent for the Daily Telegraph during the Franco Prussian War. He was the only person present at both the crowning of the Prussian King as German emperor and the peace treaty signing during World War I (ODNB). Dunraven enjoyed visiting the United States, where he "was introduced by General Sheridan to Buffalo Bill (William Cody) and Texas Jack," hunted buffalo, and bought a ranch in Colorado. The great divide was written after his first visit to America and shows this Englishman’s love of the Wild West. Dunraven Pass in Yellowstone was named for him.

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Circa: 1876
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