Miniature Cheyenne Tipi Cover

Southern Plains (Kiowa or Southern Cheyenne, or Arapaho), painted on brain-tanned leather. This has fantastic figures painted on it: horses, buffalo, elk, trees, pipes, and the Ghost Dance bird, or Aquatic Prayer Bird. This may have been a child's toy, but could also have been used in conjunction with Ghost Dance or Sun Dance ceremonies. The quilled drops may date later than the main portion of the tipi. At present it is not built or mounted. It could be professionally built up if desired, or mounted on a backing for display on a wall.  Circa 1885.  36" by 32".

Medium: Leather/Mineral Paint/Porcupine Quill
Circa: 1885
Size: 36" High x 32" Wide
Location/Origin: , , , ,
Our Product ID: A183

Price: $12,500.00

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