Navajo Waterbird Pectoral

Large sterling pectoral pendant, circa 1960, in the image of the Waterbird, also known as the Peyote Bird, Aquatic Prayer Bird, and Ghost Dance Bird. The symbol gained power during the Ghost Dance period, and eventually became the symbol for the Native American Church. This was almost certainly made for Native wear. It features hand cut settings for large turquoise stones. Stampwork and twisted wire are combined with rolled edges. Leather is laced through loops on the back to prevent the heavy piece from tipping and tilting. The turquoise stones are most likely Bisbee, and are incredible. The pectoral is a whopping 9" high x 5.5" wide. It would look amazing as a piece of sculpture in a stand, or hanging against a wall. And it can be worn...!

Medium: Turquoise and Silver
Circa: 1960
Size: 9" x 5.5"
Location/Origin: , , ,
Our Product ID: D2034

Price: $4,500.00

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