At Cayuse Western Americana, we find objects of every type of art and from every type of artist you can imagine. Folk artists, fine artists, authors and craftsmen are all represented in the genre of Western Americana.  Additionally, there were individuals and entities who were not artists themselves, but facilitated the design or completion of many collectibles – think Fred Harvey, or any of the great trading posts in the southwest.  Many times the association of their names to an object is as important as the hands that made it.

Some artists or makers were known for more than one genre. At the moment, they can only be categorized in one place on the site.  So, for example, Edward H. Bohlin is categorized under Saddlemakers and Leather, although one could easily assume they would be in Silversmiths, or even in Spur Makers.

We hope this information will be helpful.  We will continue adding to it and updating it as information becomes available.  As you view items in the Gallery, you may click on the artist to find out more about each one.