More about Conrad Schwiering (1916-1986)

Working from his home and studio in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Conrad Schwiering painted mountain landscapes that showed the changing seasons. He is known for his views of the Grand Teton Mountains and said: “I plan on going out every day to sketch these mountains no matter what sort of weather is brewing. Because this is really what a mountain painter does–he catches, if he can, the essence of the moods, as they come across the mountains, hoping he can pass them on to others.” When asked how long it takes to do a picture, Schwiering replied: “Oh, I’d say about two weeks and 35 years.” He was a member of the National Academy of Western Art. His father was Dean of Education at the University of Wyoming, where Schwiering took a minor in arts. He also studied under Robert A. Grahame and Raphael Lillywhite of Denver, and then went to the Art Students League to study with Charles S. Chapmen, the painter he most admired. Today, Connie’s paintings are extremely collectible.

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Conrad Schwiering (1916-1986)
Conrad Schwiering – Buck Mountain

Conrad Schwiering – Buck Mou

Conrad Schwiering – Mt. Moran Sunset

Conrad Schwiering – Mt. Mora