More about Fred Kulz

Fred Kulz was an American Illustrator in the late 19th century through the 1930s. He illustrated books and sheet music art as well as magazines, including “Love Stories from Real Life” in 1903 by Mildred Champagne, and the sheet music for “You’re the Brightest Star of All my Dreams,” in 1917. By the Thirties, he was a house artist at Universal. It is Kulz who, in 1931, painted the first Universal Frankenstein ad, the famous pre-production “striding giant” poster that prematurely touted Bela Lugosi as the film’s star. Kulz left Universal and dropped out of sight after the Laemmle family lost control of the studio in April 1936. A terse notice in the November 10, 1936 trade magazine Boxoffice reported, “Dick Rogers has been added to the staff of Universal’s art department, replacing Fred Kulz.” Among his well-known works is a cover illustration of silent film star William S Hart.

Fred Kulz – William S. Hart Painting

Fred Kulz – William S. Hart