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Chase Holland arrived in San Angelo, Texas in 1918. He purchased a jewelry store from Mr. C. C. McBurnett and began his career as the proprietor of Holland’s Jewelry. San Angelo was certainly a true western town at this time. The shop Chase purchased already had a history dating back to 1888 when San Angelo was a settlement of trading posts and saloons across the river from Fort Concho, one of the last Indian frontier cavalry posts. The first Holland’s buckles and western jewelry designs were introduced in 1936. Following the Depression years, Chase wanted to give a gift of appreciation to some of the business associates and friends who helped him through this difficult time. He asked one of his craftsmen to design a miniature sterling silver western spur to be worn as a tie clip. One of the first spurs made was presented to President Franklin Roosevelt by Mr. Houston Harte, publisher of the local newspaper. This patented trademark piece was an expression of the western tradition for having “Won Your Spurs”. The company is still run by the family today.

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Rancheros Visitadores Miniature Spur

Rancheros Visitadores Miniature Sp