More about Marie Dorothy (MD) Dolph (1884-1979)

Born and raised in Baraboo, Wisconsin, Marie Dorothy Dolph painted until she was age 94, doing canvases of Wyoming ranches and landscapes, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Mount Hood, Oregon sights, deserts of California and wildlife including buffalo and wild horses.

She studied at the University of Minnesota from 1901 top 1903, having taught school in Wisconsin and North Dakota to finance her education. From 1906 to 1908, she studied at an art school in Milwaukee and at a business college. In 1908, she attended the Art Institute of Chicago and was a student of Alphonse Mucha and Antonin Sterba. She returned to Wisconsin, and in 1913 married Royal Jay Dolph. They lived until 1920 in the wilderness area of Wyoming and from 1920 to the 1940s in Casper. They also traveled to California, Oregon, and Idaho.

Widespread recognition came to Dolph in 1936 when she exhibited at Rockefeller Center in New York with the National Exhibition of American Art. She also had shows in Yellowstone and Wyoming.

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Marie Dorothy (MD) Dolph (1884-1979)
Marie Dorothy Dolph – Buck Mountain

Marie Dorothy Dolph – Buck M

Marie Dorothy Dolph – Lower Falls

Marie Dorothy Dolph – Lower

Marie Dolph – Waiting

Marie Dolph – Waiting

Marie Dolph – End of the Fence

Marie Dolph – End of the Fen

Marie Dorothy Dolph – Sheep Wagon

Marie Dorothy Dolph – Sheep

Marie Dolph – Log Cabin Oil

Marie Dolph – Log Cabin Oil

Marie Dolph – Cottonwood Creek Tetons

Marie Dolph – Cottonwood Cre...

Marie Dolph – “Paint Brush Canyon”

Marie Dolph – “Paint B...

Marie Dolph – Old Faithful

Marie Dolph – Old Faithful

Marie Dorothy Dolph – Platte River Country

Marie Dorothy Dolph – Platte...

Marie Dorothy Dolph- California Triptych

Marie Dorothy Dolph- California Tr