Navajo Cattle Brands Double Saddle Blanket

Early double saddle blanket of all natural colors with a simple design of boxes arranged in a diamond pattern, and cattle brand designs in the four corners. This is a great example of a blanket made for cowboys, and this particular style was favored by ranch owners who wanted their cowboys to be able to discern their own workers from those of other ranches - during the open range period, cattle from several ranches would run together, so the patrolling cowboys needed to know who else was on guard. Cowboys discovered that the Navajo weavings were the best thing under their saddles to save their horses' backs - and at the same time they helped save the Navajo weaving tradition. Circa 1890 measures 57" x 30".


Medium: Wool
Circa: 1890
Size: 57" x 30"
Location/Origin: , , ,
Our Product ID: D2711

Price: $4,500.00

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